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Filter Paper 60cm x 60cm



Is commonly used in quantitative and qualitative analysis, filter papers must be closely matched to the application according to its physical characteristics Many sizes, materials, types, and grades of filter paper are available for various applications. GIMO® filter papers use only the highest quality raw materials for high reproducibility and uniformity. GIMO® cellulose filter papers are manufactured from high-quality cotton liners treated to achieve an α-cellulose content >98%. A wide selection of GIMO® filter papers is available to suit numerous laboratory applications. Pre-pleated (folded) filter papers is also available for convenience.

The important parameters are wet strength, porosity, particle retention, volumetric flow rate, compatibility, efficiency, and capacity.

There are two mechanisms of filtration with paper; volume and surface. Volume filtration catches the particles in the bulk of the filter papers. By surface filtration, the particles are caught on the paper surface. Filter papers are mainly used because of the ability of a small piece of filter paper to absorb a significant volume of liquid.


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